Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And I keep on going...

At the beginning of March earlier this year, I sat down at my computer and began to write a novel. It wasn't my first attempt at writing one, but I was strangely determined about it. Most of the other attempts I've made at writing one contain only a page or two. There's even one that I filled an entire notebook with before giving up. I realize now that those other novel attempts were my experiments. I didn't know which writing method was best for me or how I wanted to approach this daunting task, so I was testing myself. They were never finished because I didn't find the right method. I found different books on writing (and even got one from my sister for my birthday that helped), and I read and read and read. After reading some more, I think that I finally figured it out.
I had a revelation today just as I blazed past 30,000 words. I thought, I can do this. I'm going to finish this novel, and I'm going to get it published. I can feel it. The end is a foreseeable goal and no longer just a dream. It keeps my fingers working and my brain focused. A new kind of determination overcame me and threw my mind into a frenzy of thoughts as I continued plotting and writing. It helps that the scene I'm working on is filled with lots of action. It's one I've been looking forward to writing for a while now.
When it's finally all written, I just might cry. I know that I'll have tons of editing to do, but at least it'll all be there, down on paper, as a solid and concrete thing. The video I've put below isn't related to writing a novel in any way, but it's fun and dance-y. I plan on blasting it as I jump around like a lunatic once I type in that last word.


Emma Manolis said...

You know what? You can do this and I completely believe that you will get your book published! What I've read is awesome and I bet a lot of other people will agree. I'm so excited for that and I'm begging you to please stop in Salt Lake on your book tour!

Katie Kay said...

Thanks! What a pep talk! Now I feel even more motivated. I'll definitely make Salt Lake a stop, but only if you make Columbia one on your book tour.