Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My major distraction...

Okay, so for a while now I haven't really been spending too much time focused on writing my book. Or doing homework. Or anything else productive, really. But how could I when I have such a major distraction in the form of a little show called "Revenge"? Seriously, have you seen this show? It's soooo addicting. Season one is up on Netflix, and I've spent the past week or so watching it instead of doing more important things.
"Revenge" is a show about a girl named Amanda Clarke who comes live in the Hamptons under the fake name Emily Thorne. When she was younger, her father was convicted of aiding terrorists and died while in jail. After she turned eighteen, Emily found out that he'd been a mere scapegoat and had  been betrayed by all those he'd trusted, so she has returned to avenge him. How does she do this? By methodically screwing with each and every one of their wealthy lives until they are completely ruined. Emily is like a female Dexter, except, you know, she doesn't kill anyone. Intentionally. She's the bad guy on the show, but her adversaries are way more loathsome than her, so you kind of have to root for Emily. Throw in a snarky sidekick (LOVE Nolan, by the way), a fake love interest, and a real one she can never truly be with, and you have an amazing television show.
Thankfully, I've already finished season one and I'm all caught up with season two. Now, I only have to wait for Sundays in order to watch it and further procrastinate on doing other things I should be focused instead. Lucky me.